Are you sitting comfortably?

At Regal Rentals we care about our customers, so all our cars are regularly serviced, safety and quality checked before leaving us. You can rely on our knowledgeable staff to quickly gain a good understanding of your individual requirements and demonstrate all the seat and steering wheel adjustments on handover.

Driving posture and safety have been in the spotlight a lot lately so we’ve highlighted some of the key points.
What is a good posture for driving?

Naturally, everyone will have a preferred seating position, which is why it is so important for drivers to be able to alter their seating.

Your legs should not be scrunched up nor should you need to stretch to use the pedals. Slide the seat so you can operate the pedals and your thigh is relaxed and knees slightly bent. Tilt the seat so that it supports your thighs evenly and the back of your knees do not make contact with the seat.

The seat angle should not be too laid back or up tight, typically a recline of 100 – 115 degrees supports the body in an attentive posture. The majority of new vehicles also have the option to adjust the seat height and also have adjustable lumbar support.

It is also important to adjust the steering wheel so that you can see the dials clearly, do not slouch and actually hold the steering wheel rather than rest your hands on it.

How often should I take a break when driving?

The Highway Code recommends taking a break (at the very least) every two hours. Stopping for a break allows you to refresh and walk around because any posture, no matter how comfortable can become stressful over time.

What can drivers do to prevent back pain?

There can be many factors that contribute to back pain, so first and foremost you should assess your lifestyle and try to identify any trigger points. Good posture and regular exercise play a key role in preventing back pain. Persistent back pain as a result of driving should be referred to a GP and it is also advisable to seek a risk assessment from your employer.

Avoid driving for long periods without a break and ensure that when you finish your journey to walk around and loosen up muscles and stretch before lifting luggage etc.