We are proud to announce the arrival of the Citroen C3 – Feel & Flair models and the Peugeot 3008 – Active models to our fleet.

The comfortable and distinctive new C3 is instantly recognizable with its quirky design. Its unique shape sets it apart from others, with a bold front face and generous curves giving it a powerful stance.

The model’s smooth lines, graphic elements (such as the coloured inserts surrounding the fog lights) and bright range of colours make it a stylish rental, which is also very easy to get around in thanks to its limited length.

Meanwhile, the equally stylish Peugeot 3008 model offers another option. Named 2017 Car of the Year, the Peugeot 3008 embodies a sleek design as well as numerous safety features.

Included in the vehicle is an intelligent autonomous braking system, which has been designed to avoid a collision or at the very least limit their severity by reducing the vehicle’s speed. It is triggered should the driver not react quickly enough to a potential collision, by activating the vehicle’s brakes.

A further safety feature of the vehicle is the multifunction camera, which is located at the top of the windscreen and coupled with a front bumper mounted radar. These systems are able to detect any obstructions in the road.

Also look out for the VW Crafter – coming to Regal Rentals in March. Perfect for heavier and awkward loads. The Crafter can safely and reliably handle almost any situation with its innovative driver assist safety systems and Euro 6 Tdi engines.

And don’t forget – our fleet includes the Passat Estate and Fabia Estate models.

Want to chat through your options? Give our friendly team a call on 01244 852 000.