Did you know that your cars, vans and trucks are classed as places of work?

In recent years, the British Government has got tougher on enforcing health and safety legislation.

Today, the law says that a vehicle is a place of work and that employers and managers have a ‘duty of care’ under the Health & Safety at Work Act to ensure the safety of everyone working on their behalf – including drivers.

For businesses that use vehicles at work, the new law means that it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure a vehicle is roadworthy. This applies to company cars, grey fleet or even an employee’s own vehicle.

Below is a list of what employers need to ensure:

  • The vehicle is in a roadworthy condition
  • There is a current MOT certificate for all vehicles over three years old
  • The driver is licensed to drive
  • The vehicle is fully insured for business use
  • The car is regularly serviced
  • The employee is carrying out regular basic maintenance checks
  • The employee is a member of a roadside recovery organisation

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