Regal Rentals’ Commercial Manager Tony Burns attended an event held by Chester Zoo on Friday (23rd February) to find out more about the launch of their Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge.

Chester Zoo is striving to make Chester the world’s first sustainable palm oil city and asking businesses to adjust their supply chains to save orang-utans from extinction.

You may never have heard of palm oil, but it is in fact found in more than half of products on supermarket shelves. Palm oil is the world’s most commonly used vegetable oil and is derived from the oil palm plant, but vast areas of rainforest are being cleared to make way for these trees. As a result, palm oil is becoming one of the biggest threats to wildlife in Sumatra and Borneo, so there is an urgent need for it to be grown sustainably. Sourcing alternative vegetable oils and buying products that contain only certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) would help to protect the animals like orang-utans and others that share its rainforest habitat.

There have been improvements in the number of people sourcing sustainable palm oil but lots more needs to be done, so Chester Zoo is aiming to lead by example in making Chester the world’s first sustainable palm oil city. They are rallying Chester businesses to get involved and Regal Rentals is proud to support the initiative through its head office in the city.

Want to get involved? Find out you can become a sustainable palm oil partner in Chester or across the UK by visiting or search #PalmOilChallenge